Vision, Mission & ethics

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    We are committed to becoming a world leading scientific facility; providers of innovative scientific solutions to the global marketplace and offering our valued customers the highest quality of service to fulfil their needs.

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    Our mission declares our purpose and forms the standard against which we measure our actions and decisions. It is enduring and sets out what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. As we move towards our goals, we will inspire our staff to lead, innovate and be effective globally. We will anticipate the needs of our customers and maintain our excellence in service. By keeping the highest possible standards and building a strong network of employees, suppliers and customers, we will maintain integrity in applied analytical science globally.

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    Our corporate values serve as a compass for our actions. Employees across the entire TSW Global Group invest in both understanding and being guided by our corporate values and policies. We expect that our business partners, suppliers and contractors act according to these same values.

  • * Integrity.
  • * Respect for all.
  • * Excellence in service.
  • * Determination to succeed.
  • * Passion for innovation.
  • * Courage to lead.
  • * Working Smart; Constructively, Flexibly and Efficiently.

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