About Us

TSW Global is a global investment business specialising in technology commercialisation. The TSW Global group comprises Australia's leading and most innovative science and technology (forensics, food, minerals) companies, servicing customers and suppliers globally. With state-of-the-art forensic laboratory facilities in Western Australia, Singapore and the United States, TSW Global delivers customised solutions on a global scale. 

We are committed to becoming a world leading scientific organisation; providers of innovative scientific solutions to the global marketplace and offering our valued customers the highest quality of service, efficiently and cost-effectively, to fulfil their needs.


Fields of Expertise:

Agriculture & Energy

Digital Technology

Scientific Investigation

Expert Services & Testimony

Materials Science

Environmental Science

Supply Chain Integrity


Forensic and Analytical Chemistry

Mining & Geology

Corrosion Chemistry

Areas of Focus:

Fresh Food - dairy, meat, vegetables, fruit, seafood, nuts, seeds, eggs, grains.

Processed Food

Medical Cannabis




Conflict Minerals

Illicit Drug Verification

Textiles and Fibre


Complex Supply Chains